Wayfinder - Digital Signage - Smart City Kiosks

By Jon Salisbury

The day of (Wayfinder - Digital Signage - Smart City Kiosks) has evolved over time and takes many many forms.

Here are just a few:

  1. ATM Machine
  2. Pay Phone
  3. Self Service - McDonalds
  4. Advertising
  5. Interactive Way Finding
  6. Games - Arcades
  7. Smart City
  8. Parking

These are just a few of the many forms (Wayfinder - Digital Signage - Smart City Kiosks) have moved into. A kiosk or wayfinder / digital signage solution to me is a technology infrastructure implementation that is accessible by the public.

So what is new in the wayfinder & kiosk world?
Well when you start thinking about public spaces with technology foot print wouldnt it be nice to know the following:

  1. How many people walk by?
  2. Where they male or female?
  3. How old were they?
  4. Where did they want to go?
  5. Do they have beards?
  6. How happy are they?
  7. How sad are they?
  8. How many cars drove by?
  9. How many digital devices are in the area?
  10. Surveys show new desire for space.
  11. Gun shots, caliber, location and more.
  12. Alerting and messaging responsively (Emergency)

These are the questions I think a kiosk should be trying to answer on top of its standard function.

So how does this happen?
It all starts with Sensor clusters. Like any smart city technology connectivity, mobility and resiliency are paramount. You build sensors that are highly packed together to provide data which you can garner insight from. The new smart city kiosks and way finding kiosks can even provide validation on the fly with the correct sensor installations.

Just think to yourself.... Wouldnt it be nice if that technology designed to accept money now had gun shot detection and allowed police to identify threats with the camera. Lets talk about leveraging all our assets and deploying new ones in a manner which allows the entire community the benefit.

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smart city kiosk - http://www.smartlink.city/digital-signage-wayfinding

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