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By Jon Salisbury

Cyber Security is about knowing your normal. Think of it in terms of sitting in a house for 20 years an knowing all the sounds, people, and things that exist in the space. You know the normal of the house so if something new is heard or seen alarms in your brain go off in put you in a security posture. A smart city is a large network of interconnected intelligent devices. The cyber security around it has to be very AWARE and have strong understanding of what is supposed to happen and how things respond.

We have a mock up of a smart city design which shows the general outline of the network and how it will work. We have also shown the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standard for cyber security on to of the network to ensure we have proper policies and controls implemented in the proper sections of the smart city.


Further we have written the entire policy and control for a generic smart city and have it incorporated in our IEEE Smart City standard (P2784) which will incorporate the entire design and build of a smart city.

Now if you use a standards base architecture and standards based policies and controls you can build a cyber security practice to understand the normal and look for anomolies which lead to threats.

That is the short and fast cyber security for smart cities detail. If you would like more information please contact or for more information.

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