Kiosks with digital signage and wayfinding - Humans are the center of Smart City

By Jon Salisbury

What is a smart city?

A smart city is just a place made up humans making good decisions for the betterment of all. The smart city needs to focus on the betterment of the humans throughout its process.

To me a smart City is one that learns from its mistakes, promotes upward mobility, and allows for equal access. This is a technological architecture which mandates measurement capabilities so the city can learn. That is why sensors are so important to the smart city endeavor. The question begs shouldn't we put our sensors in a place that allow for humans to interact with them in an equitable fashion. Of course, you can use an app but not everyone has the app, wants the app or can afford the app (storage, processing and so forth).

How do you build a smart city?

I think this happens in many phases but to use the Venture Smarter Index to simplify the process we think it takes 3 main domains of focus.

  1. 100% connected - This means that every citizen has access to broadband and information in an equitable fashion. This domain is what all other domains stand up on. The other domains have a hard time existing without this domain as measurement becomes harder and harder to sustain without connectivity.

  2. 100% mobile - This revolves around transportation in that every citizen has access to transportation to jobs, resources, and necessities. This is tremendously important as people need to have the ability access the upward mobility possibilities that exist throughout the city.

  3. 100% resilient - This domain really has 2 lenses. The first lens is security for the citizens by enabling the security providers access to fast intelligence regarding what, when, where, who and why. How is the city to learn if it does not have the proper intelligence in place to quickly identify problem areas, individuals or patterns which can be dealt with in a proactive manner (Send police to the location pre-crime = prevention technique)? The second lens is sustainability and deals with energy, financial, material, as well as governing all the other domains. This domain involves solar, battery, transportation, and business models which are sustainable without increasing tax dollars.

Why are Kiosks paramount?

Kiosks tackle every facet of the smart city from the foundation up. The kiosk (Smart City Hub, Node, Edge Compute) does the following for a smart city.

  1. Resilience - It is not only sustainable but also provides a profit center for larger cities in the higher echelon of the DMA rankings. Kiosks also provide security on the street with cameras and 911 options.

  2. Connectivity - smartLINK Kiosks come with 15 sensors per install meaning 4 cameras, 4 environmental sensors, 3 ultrasonic sensors, 1 x lidar sensor and 3 x wireless sensors as well as an interaction device in a touch screen where surveys and touch logs can be created. This means each kiosk provides a place on the street that smart infrastructure can exist. This also means that the devices are not hidden and are completely transparent. The amount of data off of 1000 kiosks generated over 1 year reaches the 10 x petabyte scale. Our kiosk provides connectivity which is free and open and is foundational for the rest of the smart city.

  3. Mobility - Kiosks are all about awareness and adoption. From promoting local business, transit, education opportunities as well as allowing for major adoption mechanisms for apps, and information awareness.

Why choose smartLINK

smartLINK is by far the most advanced kiosk and smart city software company or smart pole provider. We have built our own IN-HOUSE TRUE AI to help create more insights from the increasing amount of data. AI's have become easy to build and this is not our first. smartLINK has industry leading teams including over 80 engineers including - cybersecurity, forensics, helpdesk 24/7, network engineers, wireless engineers, urban strategies, developers, dev ops, app dev, creatives, manufacturing and more.

smartLINK was born from a project which won global recognition by solving the digital divide in Newport Kentucky. We are a tech company who works for the social good and do so through gathering intelligence, creating insights, and putting that information in the right people's hands. We are also the only kiosk company that has consolidated all of our sensor clouds into 1 dashboard set with automation validation to remove duplicates, auto insight and correlation. smartLINK partners closely with so that we can help promote and educate all stakeholders during a full smart city engagement.

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Jon Salisbury - CEO @ smartLINK

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