Digital Signage Wayfinding with interactive capabilities

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By Jon Salisbury

Welcome to the world of intelligent screens. Think of your phone and know that the screen you are using is also learning from everything you type. The smart phone also learns from where you go, what you buy and how you change over time on social media. The mobile phone is truly an intelligent digital signage display and it is designed to keep improving to help you more and more as it learns more about you. It becomes a personal companion.

Well with the world of the digital signage we believe the future will create smart displays which are the same as smart phones only larger. These interactive digital signage kiosks with wayfinding will act as the personal companion of the environment they represent. You will start seeing smart screens with interactive capabilities with intelligence to help you with the environment you are visiting or residing in. Digital signage should not simply display pre canned information through a standard cycle but rather learn about its environment and display helpful information to the people visiting or residing.

Major benefits of digital signage wayfinding interactive kiosks include:

  • Revenue generation
  • Wayfinding
  • Analytics
  • Contextual response capabilities
  • Connectivity
  • Engagement
  • Apps

The platforms are being built, the software applications are being developed and integration of these items is occurring at a rapid pace. Don't let your venue, city or community be left behind. Contact smartLINK today ( ) to get your enviroment new and improved intelligent technology.

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