Digital Signage and Wayfinding on Universities Campuses

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By Jon Salisbury

Universities campuses are extremely complex environments to navigate. Universities are community centers which serve the needs of the student body and the local / regional and sometimes national community. You have the following criteria to account for.

  1. First year students
  2. Visitors
  3. Events
  4. New Faculty

When you drive to a campus it’s like a small town with static signs trying to show you were things are. Some much exists that detail becomes almost impossible to implement and then parking destinations become a first available situation. At this point it’s get on your walking shoes and start asking local pro's.

Here is an example of a campus (Parking is not shown, buildings are marked in light ways and things would be difficult to navigate at first.

By implementing a Digital Signage system with interactive wayfinding that tied to a mobile navigation system you would provide tremendous value in convenience to the visitors and newbies in general.

Image of environment produced in 3D:

After searching or finding the application on the kiosk or phone they get a route with send to phone options if they are on the kiosk:

Notice how helpful things like phones, restrooms and other locations nearby are shown. This allows for you to search for a specific class room like RH75623 and get the route to the correct location.

Outside of this a digital signage and wayfinding interactive kiosk can provide analytics about the environment including number of travelers, mood, and more.

Let’s go ahead and throw in convenience calling capabilities and safety lights that flash blue.


Kiosks its design it will be wrapped for your environment and look sleek with clean lines.

Let your security team have access to cameras in need and respond quickly to potential incidents.

Digital wayfinding and interactive kiosks are like putting faster and more intelligent large smart phones in the environment for your visitors, guests and faculty.

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